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Our community

Community is at the heart of everything we do at The Foundry. Our team put a strong emphasis on engaging with the local community in the surrounding area, and the tenants of the building develop an internal community of their own.

The Foundry was envisioned as a place to encourage the public to learn more about some of the most important and challenging ideas and issues facing the UK today. The community engagement programme includes talks, film screenings, networking events, training courses and other activities. 

 Read more about what's happening under ‘What’s On’, and if you'd like to host an event here, get in touch at

Our Synergy

The Foundry is more than just a building of office spaces - it is a living community of organisations that share values. We jump at every opportunity to link up social impact organisations through our spaces, meaning that those who work here become part of an internal community also.

Even the design of the building facilitates tenant interaction. The idea is that while each tenant may occupy a relatively small area, the whole building is their office; tenants have access to the many communal areas that encourage communication between organisations.

Read more about our tenant activities here.

Meet our Tenants

The partners investing in the project - and the many organisations consulted during development - all felt that the building had the potential to engage with and educate the public on social justice and human rights issues. 

You can see some of the organisations we host below:

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